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I think we have to split the analyzing in two phases: A "construction" -, and a "user" phase.

Above is the constructing phase showing that the Bearing dial is made for 61'th latitude North (Greenland).

The "user" phase showing "eykt" with its shadow - click here and look at the third image or here for my experiments.

In fact you have to use two gnomon heights for the "Constructing" phase (see fig. below).

I have only used one of them on my site for now, but the picture below should sharpen my point of view - I hope.

Of course the Norse could have used the bearing dial for navigation purposes, and I think they did when finding the four points of the compass,

and the azimuth during the day - but I don't think that's the main purpose.

You have to organize your society with some sort of a calendar and some points of the day (the Norse called them "eykts"),

and I think that was a purpose as well.