The images above shows a true and complete model of the bearing-dial which I have used for my experiments. I have placed a true model of the bearing-dial in the sun, and by following the shadow (click the image above) you will see how to use it.

Measuring the sunshadow at summer and wintersolstice (images above) makes a scale of latitude from 45N to 60N. My analyses are made from the latitude 55 dg N.


Using the bearing-dial

Edges -carved or broken?

Analyzing the bearing- dial

Zoom into the bearing-dial

Measuring "eykt"

Nomogram for "eyktarstadr".

Viking geometry - general constructing method + constructing Trelleborg


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A reconstruction of the bearing-dial made by Captain Solver in 1953 unfortunately have set a defacto standard for further investigations and writings untill now, by claiming that Vebaeks find was a fragment of a full-round compass.


The existens of at least two approximately similar bearingdials from Greenland with the same shape but different in details, are telling us in all probability that the dials are carved consiously and not broken. The patterns on both sides and on the edges are showing us the way they are used and in which geographically areas.