Carved or broken ?

Click the upper image after loading to investigate the edges on the bearing-dial.

See how the bearing-dial is functioning and see my experiments with the dial by clicking the image and choosing a function.

Make your own experiments with Viking geometry and the bearing-dial here.


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Why are the edges carved and not broken?

1. The shadow is parallel with lower edge when bearing the sun showing latitudes and positions for the explorer.

2. The lower edge is carved for showing the direction from Greenland to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. (The lower edge is to compare with a modern GPS-system where the Norse used the sun as a satellite). The upper edge is carved for throwing the shadow.

3. The split has a function for calibration purposes.

4. You can tip and twist the bearing dial from the lower edge and you can see marks from wear on the obverse side. Click here if you want to investigate a larger picture of the lower edge.

5. If you still argue for a broken edge - the picture shows that the edges had been carved or pricked after the break (re.: ad 4).