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1 Vebeaks finds in Greenland from 1948 (bearing-dials and sunstones) are showing the way to Vinland. Read article in Danish here. Abstract in English later on.
2 Did Vebaek found more than one bearing-dial in Greenland? - or Who else?
3 Captain Solvers reconstruction of the bearing-dial (suncompass) from 1953 don't match the Vikings way of use. See how.
4 The Danish fortress Trelleborg and the bearing-dials from Greenland and Denmark are constructed with the same geometrycal patterns cut by the Vikings.
5 The bearing-dials (suncompasses) found by Vebaek are using the edges as a gnomon. Its obvious that the straight edges are carved - not broken..
6 The bearing-dials are constructed for stationary use and mapping purposes - more then navigational.
7 Sop's Arm in Vinland. Pls. read the article.


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